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Locking your interest rates can be one of those “easier said than done” steps in the mortgage process.  Rates change daily, and in some cases more than once a day.  Rate movements affect your cost of borrowing as well as the amount you can borrow.


CU/America Financial Services offers several Lock-In Options to provide the protection you need and peace of mind that rate volatility will not stand between you and your financing goals.



Current Rates      


Effective: Monday, March 30, 2015 10:00 am CST


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Fixed-Rate Mortgages


Program Rate APR* Points P&I**
Conforming 30-Yr. FRM 3.750% 3.871% 0.000 $4.631
Conforming 20-Yr. FRM 3.625%


0.000  $5.864
Conforming 15-Yr. FRM 3.125%


0.000 $6.966
Conforming 10-Yr. FRM 3.000% 3.310% 0.000 $9.656
VA 30-Yr. FRM 3.375% 3.624% 0.000 $4.516
FHA 30-Yr. FRM 3.625% 4.652% 0.000 $5.343
FHA 15-Yr. FRM 3.250% 4.266% 0.000 $7.719
Jumbo 30-Yr. FRM 4.500% 4.633% 0.000 $5.067
Jumbo 15-Yr. FRM 4.000% 4.230% 0.000 $7.397



Current Rates, APRs, and Points based on NEW Purchase transactions locked for 45-days(All About Lock-ins)

  • Conforming Quotes: Based on a $300,000+ loan amount, 25%+ down, and 740+ credit score.
  • FHA & VA Quotes: Based on a $200,000+ loan amount, 3.5%+ down (no downpayment rquired on VA), and 720+ credit score.
  • Jumbo Quotes: Based on a $417,050+ loan amount, 35%+ down, and 720+ credit score.
  • Please contact a CU/America Licensed Consultant for quotes on refinance transactions, or quotes for lower credit scores, down-payments or loan amounts; which require adjustments, if available.

*Annual Percentage Rate (APR) - Lenders are required by law to disclose APR in nearly all consumer credit transactions, to provide a uniform measure for comparing the cost of various credit transactions.  APR is expressed as a nominal yearly rate as defined by Sec 226.22 of Regulation Z, and must be disclosed as a single rate.  APR measures the total cost of credit, including "finance charges".


**P&I (Principal and Interest) - Payments factors are shown per $1,000 loan amount.  FHA payment factors include financed Upfront Mortgage Insurance (UFMIP) and the cost of Annual Mortgage Insurance (MMI).  VA payment factors include a financed VA Funding Fee for first-time us of Veterans of Active Duty Services.


Disclosure Statement: This information is not an advertisement to extend credit as defined by Reg. Z 226.24.  APRs vary with loan amount.  Rates are subject to change with notice.  Some restrictions may apply.  CU/America Financial Services fully complies with Federal Fair Housing Law and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.


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